Universal Laser Parking Assist – Full Kit


Say goodbye to crashing into the wall, and say hello to an easier parking experience.

The GoodChief Universal Laser Parking Assist is designed to guide your car into the correct parking position using laser lines. This method allows for parking within centimetres of the desired parking location.

Our product is the only one that can guide your vehicle through narrow spaces inside a garage. By centering the laser on the middle of your car, the Parking Assist can tell you if you are left, right, or perfectly aligned to drive through an obstacle.

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A parking assist designed for reliability, making sure that you park your car in the perfect location every time

Using two 10,000 hour 5mW lasers, the GoodChief laser parking assist provides two bright laser lines — the brightest lasers that do not require the use of safety goggles — that can be easily seen in your garage. These two lasers allow for perfect parking within centimeters of the desired parking location: so close that your car looks like it’s touching the wall.

The GoodChief Laser Parking Assist allows for guidance through narrow spaces in your garage

By placing the laser assist on the garage door horizontal angle, you are able to guide your car through obstacles such as the garage door.

The GoodChief Parking Assist is Easy to Use

Once you open the garage door, the sound sensor will make both lasers will turn on. The laser lines are visible on the hood of the vehicle when you guide the vehicle near the parking or garage door location.
Park the vehicle when the specified point on the laser beam reaches the reference point. To guide the vehicle through the garage door, adjust the vehicle to make sure the laser line is on the reference point.

Unique Pattern on the Projected Laser Lines

The Parking Assist lets you know where your vehicle is during the entire parking process.

Installed on the Top of Garage With Extra Long 15 ft Wire

No intervention to your daily life and occupies none of your valuable garage or vehicle space. Lasers switch on only when the garage light is on.

Created, Machined, and Assembled in USA

We are a US company. All warranty and customer services are based in the USA.

Uses Patented Technology to Give the Best Parking Experience

The GoodChief Parking Assist utilizes innovation that cannot be found on other similar parking devices to give a truly one-of-a-kind experience when parking.

Product Package

User Manual – with detailed step by step installation illustrations
Universal Laser Parking Assist – FDA registered and complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11.
AC Adapter – extra long 15 ft extended wire, UL listed, 100-240V input, complies with FCC and high energy efficiency VI requirements.
Sound Sensor – to sense when the garage opens and turns on the lasers for 45 seconds.
Mounting Screws

Additional information

Weight 6.8 oz
Dimensions 5.98 × 4.01 × 1.73 in
Power source

AC, light bulb socket

Requires batteries?


Wire length

15 ft (4.5 m)

Includes sensor?



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