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Buy our GoodChief Universal Laser Parking Assist

This is the same product as the one on Ebay and Amazon.

Our parking assist is exactly what you would expect – a device tailored to making your parking easier with two laser lines that pinpoint where you are relative to your garage.

This product is the full kit, with the following included:

  • User Manual – with detailed step by step installation illustrations
  • Universal Laser Parking Assist – FDA registered and complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11. Includes extra-long 15 ft extended wire
  • AC Adapter – UL listed, 100-240V input, complies with FCC and high energy efficiency VI requirements
  • Adapter Socket to Outlet – to power the parking assist with garage door opener light power source. UL listed
  • Mounting Screws

Already have a GoodChief Universal Parking Assist and want to buy a second Parking Assist?

Buy the GoodChief Universal Parking Assist – Laser only kit!

This kit includes the Laser Parking Assist and a 2-in-1 adapter at a discounted price. It is meant for users with one or more parking assists that wish to buy more.

This product differs from the GoodChief Universal Parking Assist – Full Kit in that it does not include an AC adapter and Adapter Socket to Outlet. If you wish to purchase a kit with an AC adapter and Adapter Socket to Outlet, you should buy the GoodChief Universal Parking Assist – Full Kit.